The BETTER LEVER part and repair process eliminates the need to remove the primary drive or replace the transmission’s shift shaft when resolving a stripped transmission shift lever on your EVO 5 speed or Twin Cam 5 speed equipped motorcycle. Evos and Twin cams have a motor assembly that ties the engine, transmission and primary drive together into one solid assembly. The design of the motor assembly puts the primary case too close to the transmission’s shifter shaft to allow the stock shift lever to slide all of the way off of the end of the shift shaft.

When the stock lever strips, the transmission’s shaft is often damaged as well, to the point where the replacement stock lever may not grip or may not grip for very long.

Since BETTER LEVER has been CNC machined from high quality Stainless Steel. BETTER LEVER’s design and material strength grip deeper and tighter than the stock lever and will work on your old transmission shift shaft even after a stock lever has been stripped on it. Just bolt it on tight and get riding. On 6 speed Twin cams the inner primary case is dished out to allow room to get a lever off and on. This makes it even easier to get a better gripping lever on your bike.

Made in the USA Patent Pending