On 5 SPEED BIKES ONLY. The primary case on big twin Evo and Twin Cam 5 speed bikes is too close to the shift shaft to remove the old lever. The HOW-TO VIDEOS show how to cut the old lever off your transmission shaft and install a Better Lever on it without removing the primary drive.  Getting back to smooth shifting without transmission or primary work with Better Lever’s design will save time and money.

6 SPEED BIKES’ LEVERS DON’T HAVE TO BE CUT OFF.  You won’t have to worry about the primary.  Six speed twin cam bikes have enough room to take the lever’s bolt out and slide the old lever off your bike’s transmission shaft.  Putting a Better Lever on it and making your bike shift like it should without transmission or primary work is a money and time saving 10 minute job with Better Lever’s design.

 THE TRANSMISSION SHAFT, continue to use yours. 

 Unlike a stock type lever, the BETTER LEVER IS DESIGNED TO KEEP A GRIP ON YOUR WORN SHAFT, even on high milage bikes.  A new stock lever on a worn shaft is at best a temporary repair.  It will start to get loose again after just a few hundred miles. A traditional repair with stock parts on your 5 or 6 speed bike requires replacing both the lever and trans shaft.  You won’t have that problem with a Better Lever, it is made to keep a grip on your bike’s existing shaft.

Not a mass produced casting, Better Levers are cut from a billet of stainless steel.  Each lever requires several steps and hours of machining and specialized cutting.  The result is a precision part that not just looks good on your bike but makes your bike shift like it should.  My mechanical engineer makes the part work.  His shop’s work is like art. 

    Better levers are MADE IN AMERICA and sold world wide.   

The Better Lever is delivered to you with a machined finish. THE LEVERS SHOWN IN THE PAGE HEADINGS HAVE BEEN POLISHED ON A BENCH WHEEL.

The Better Lever is $225 and shipping to US is $10 . For Canada and Mexico shipping charges are $26.95, $70.00 to all other countries.



Follow this link to read an article written about the Better Lever by Hot Bike magazine on January 12, 2011

Some customer feedback…

thanks Conrad……you sold me two of your levers in the past,and they are awesome…..this one is going on an aging wideglide…….great ,well made product…dave


Everything went great! Thanks, I’m in the wind again!


I went for a ride today and that lever was getting so sloppy I decided to take the plunge. I work in a speed shop and do a little machining. I understand the time it takes to produce a nice product. Your design is an elegant solution to a common problem. Thing is, I love my old EVO Road King and have no desire for the newer bikes. Your lever will fix the last issue I have with the bike. Thanks, Bill 


Bike has never shifted this well.


Nice piece riding now


Super simple and works better then i thought it would.


I just installed the Better Lever on my 2005 Road King Classic 5 speed. It works great. I never realized how loose the shifting was previously as it happened over time. Shifts like a new bike.
Thanks again for your help.


Great product easy install with your directions. Thanks for the concern and response time. I have already shared your product and great business ethics with all my riding friends.
Brady, Bakersfield, CA


Success! ? D.F.


I must admit I was a bit hesitant, but you were able to get me back on the the road. My buddies are all amazed on how it worked. Just wanted to say thank you from a very satisfied customer & true believer!
R G ,Texas


The quality and craftsmanship of your product is far superior than I expected. I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks again, J.W.


Part showed up last week, I had it installed in less than an hour and was back on the road. Thanks a bunch!! Nice part and easy to install.
Thank you, Chris K.Nevada

I received the betterlever yesterday, and installed it in about 10 minutes on my 6 speed Street Glide. I could not be happier with it.
Thank You, B.H.

I am still riding it but i have to readjust the arm and torque it back down every other day… now it’s to the point where I’ve got to replace it… I received the lever and installed it, and it works perfect. Feels like new. I can ride again!
Thanks, B.C.


Thanks again for all your help, you have one hell of a project it works great We will spread the word.
C. and R.


Put lever on and I:m back an RUNNING…
Thank-you. S.O.


It was in 30 minutes after I got home. I’m looking forward to no more hassle from that area.


P.S. UNRELATED BUT IMPORTANT especially with twin cam engines in ’06 and earlier baggers and Softails and ’05 and earlier Dynas……..check the wear on both of the cam chain tensioner pads. The two cam chains each have a tensioner with a pad that the chains ride on. The chains wear the pads down. Replace worn pads before they wear down so much that they break up and possibly circulate particles throughout your engine’s oil passages. The pads are a wear item that eventually require replacement. The ’07 bagger and Softail and ’06 Dyna twin cam bikes introduced an improved design that lasts longer but still needs to be serviced. Look into this before you have a problem.

Thanks and enjoy the ride, Conrad Buehler